Founded in Italy Comer company is one of the world's most professional R & D and manufacturing the compressor manufacturer, its products all over the world, by the industry peer recognition. In the senior team global refrigeration circle have core technology with decades of research achievements, in 1995 and the Italy Comer company registered in Seasons group, and in the same year in China Shanghai established "Shanghai Futian air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd." responsible for the central air conditioning production, sales and after sale service, adhering to the operation of Italy Comer the idea, to high-quality products, quality service to become a leader in refrigeration industry, enjoy a high reputation in China, has become one of the central air conditioner manufacturing and sales of the largest professional manufacturers of Chinese. Decades of efforts, Seasons Xi Chen Shi to strive for progress, innovation, has been at the forefront of HVAC industry development, product performance by the state detection with multiple domestic first, highlights the development, Xi Chen Shi Design and manufacturing strength. Seasons Xi Chen Shi is headquartered in Shanghai, formed a huge sales network through the branches all over the country and overseas agents at all levels and in various distribution points, Seasons Xi Chen Shi is the high quality air conditioning products available to the people of the whole country.

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